USPS’s “Arriving soon via USPS Mail” email notification system needs to be redesigned from the customer point of view if it is to succeed as a primary underpinning of USPS operating infrastructure in today’s highly competitive online marketplace.  Right now there is little value for either the commercial sender or recipient.  Here’s what I recommend:

  • All classes of non-package mail should be included, not just first class mail.
  • Packages should be included.
  • The wording should say, “Arriving TODAY…”, not “Arriving soon…”
  • Provide links to images of the pieces that will be delivered.

Downstream, all business mail should carry an “Intelligent Mail Barcode(R)” generated by the mailer’s ERP system.  This would enable business sender tracking of all their sent mail and when it is actually delivered when scanned by the recipient’s mobile device.  The sender could then send a promotional or thank you message to recipient electronically.

Pricing for such functionality can be approached as a value added feature or a new sub-class of commercial mail to distinguish it from other classes such as First Class mail or 2nd class  mail.

Can the USPS redevelop and market “Informed Delivery (TM)” within the next year?  If it can’t the precipitous decline of all types of lettermail will continue. It will be too little, too late for the USPS.

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