A primary challenge for Demand Driven DeliverySM for B2C eCommerce success are the last foot steps to the door. Ground and air autonomous vehicles can get the package to the delivery point in some, but not all situations.

  • Aerial drones will get the package to the delivery point if they can land, drop, parachute or glide the package to a waiting consumer.
  • Autonomous ground vehicles can get the package to the curb of the delivery point,

However, neither drones or vehicles can go up several flights of stairs, through doors or into elevators to physically put packages in the hands of the customer.

But wait!  There is another logistics delivery technology on the way.  It’s called “Cassie”, a bipedal robot under development by Oregon State University and its spinoff, Agility Robotics that will take those last steps to the customer’s hands.

Meet Cassie.  Read more about these robotics in the Daily Mail, Post and Parcel, and Oregon State University.

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