USPS Will Begin Nationwide Reduction in Mail Processing Equipment Due to Falloff in Mail Volume

Facing an ongoing falloff of letter and flat mail volume that is further accelerating due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the national economy, the Postal Service plans to significantly reduce the number of Advanced Facer Canceler Systems (AFCS), Delivery Bar Code Sorters (DBCS), Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100s (AFSM100), and Flat Sequencing Systems (FSS) in its mail processing facilities. This loss of production capacity may signal an irreversible degradation of service and the inability of the service to recover during an economic upturn.

The subject reduction is anticipated to take place over the next several months. For further analysis of the impending reductions, including the affected mail processing facilities and service areas and potential impacts on the business mailing sector please contact us for a one on one consultation.

Postal Disruption: Opportunities for your Future

WME Americas 2017 Presentation CEP Group  — The  World Mail & Express Americas Conference & Exhibition wrapped up on February 28th at the Biltmore Hilton Hotel in Miami Florida. This year’s event included a special regional focus on Latin America as well as presentations on market disruption, cyber security and the search for a universal addressing approach. Presentations are available for the delegates on the Triangle Management website. For a copy of the CEP Group’s presentation on “Postal Disruption – Opportunities for your Future” see the uploaded file.

WM&E Americas 2017 Presentation Embedded Networks segment