CEP Group Services

The CEP Group provides consulting to courier, express and postal operators, global eCommerce companies and industry suppliers worldwide across these major business positions

  • Strategic business development and alliances for logistics and network integration
  • Marketplace outlook, trends, assessment, positioning and entry, both national and cross border eCommerce, XBeC
  • Customer Value Chain analysis
  • Organizational design, development, and training to meet current and future business challenges
  • Business development including, organic business growth, and outside the envelope visioning for 21st century sustainability
  • eCommerce positioning for the B2C marketplace
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Project management
  • Workshops

We continue to expand our service offerings. Feel free to follow the heading links on this page and contact us for your area of interest. And revisit the site as we announce new services. Thank you.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Filings

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Industry Events Intelligence (IEI)

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