John C. Manzolillo, founder and CEO of the CEP Group, is an industry expert, delivering logistics, postal and eCommerce business solutions to courier, express and postal, CEP, sector operators and regulators, eCommerce and brick and mortar, merchants and suppliers, PE, VC and hedge fund group, and legal services organizations worldwide

Since 2014, Mr. Manzolillo and his associates have completed Over one hundred independent, objective consulting, research, expert witness, and project management engagements for clients including strategic business development and alliances, eCommerce marketplace outlook, trends, assessments, positioning and market entry, logistics and network integration, network dynamics, analysis, and design, customer value chain analysis, organization design, development, and training (sales, customer support and international business development), expert witness testimony and reports on postal operations and IP, industry presentations on leveraging postal assets, and publication on a new multi-dimensional supply chain model

Prior to 2014, Mr. Manzolillo was the FedEx Postal Industry Principal responsible for strategic business development with National Postal Operators (NPOs) worldwide focusing on network integration, supply chains, and global eCommerce.  The delivered results included multi-million-dollar strategic alliances with NPOs, critical to the execution of FedEx’s overall global postal strategy

Prior to 2005, Manzolillo worked at the US Postal Service, USPS, where he designed and launched two business unit organizations — the Sales and Customer Support group and the Overseas Business Development group — for the USPS International Business Unit (IBU), and reengineered the Division sales organization into

He established and led the Overseas Business Development, OBD group, with expatriate teams spanning four regions in North and South Americas, the EU, and APAC, successfully set multi-million-dollar commercial agreements with NPOs.  Additional key product/service successes included the International Customized Mail, ICM, service, the foundation for USPS negotiated service agreements, NSAs, and the International Business Reply Service, IBRS

He worked on the Postal Service HQ team that developed and launched the agency’s groundbreaking national accounts program recruiting one hundred national account managers, NAMs, responsible for two hundred national accounts generating one third of the USPS annual turnover of 65 billion dollars. He managed national sales meeting programs and fleet procurement for the NAMs

Mr. Manzolillo’s international business experience includes Argentina, Australia, Austria, Benelux region, Bermuda, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Channel Islands, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland, Taiwan, US, and the UK. — He has 10 years USPS domestic field operations experience in last mile and retail operations

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Dr. Dorine Andrews, Principal Consultant, delivers business facilitation, market research, technology analysis, data modelling, communications strategy, writing and advisory support

As the Chief Information Officer, CIO, for the Peace Corps (2010-2015), Dr. Dorine Andrews led the transformation of this federal agency’s global information technology network and systems for headquarters, seven national and more than 65 overseas offices. Additionally, she implemented Agile methodology that cut years off of software development, delivered the agency’s first enterprise-wide data management (CRM) program, and the upgrade of its IT security policies

Dr. Andrews has 30 years of consulting experience with private industry, non-profits, NGOs, and government, and teaching at the Georgetown University and University of Baltimore. She has conducted research in managing organization and technology change/transformation, knowledge management, online marketing and online community/social media management.  She holds a doctorate in Communications Design, has co-authored two books on IT organization management and business transformation, and has published many articles in these disciplines

She is a noted author of business publications on technology, business process re-engineering and organization design, and most recently a work of historical fiction, Jack’s Gift. She is an avid sailor with offshore experience and captained a Tartan 4600 on a year long voyage to the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and back to the Chesapeake. You can follow her on her website – Dorine Andrews