On a recent day,  I received my US Postal Service InformedDelivery (TM) email notification that I had mail arriving soon  via my normal daily USPS mail delivery. However, when I went to my apartment mailbox at the end of the day, there was nothing there, no letters, no magazines, no circulars, nothing.  Now, granted that the USPS does hedge its delivery promise with the words “Arriving soon..” But, I saw our USPS letter carrier arrive at our building lugging his tubs and trays of items for delivery.  What happened? It seems our USPS carrier did not have my mail so I was missed completely.  Is the USPS in slow decline?

United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and DHL made package deliveries that day, some of which were mine and I received with prior notification.  Not only that, those services deliver on Sunday as a regular part of their business.  The USPS does not deliver mail on Sunday, unless it’s  “Express Mail” or mail under an contract with a merchant such as Amazon.


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