“FedEx versus UPS, Who Is Winning the Ground War?”

“FedEx versus UPS, Who Is Winning the Ground War?” Aside from the usual industry pundits, all of whom are experts, some of whom have never worked there, anecdotal evidence on the ground continues to tilt to UPS. As several news items (echoed by the above cohort) talk about FedEx Ground’s problems with its business operating model, we continue to have issues with FedEx Ground incoming delivery. Today’s event, another non-delivery, even though FedEx tracking claimed to the commercial shipper that they attempt to deliver. Our experience with UPS virtually real time delivery status updates are extremely helpful. So, with the upcoming logistics labor negotiations trifecta of UPS-Teamsters, FedEx-ALPA, and USPS NALC, it will be an interesting shipping season. Good luck merchants!

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