Embedded Networks 101 Part 2

The recent article “The Best Place for a New Warehouse? An Old Mall”, in the Wall Street Journal, Real Estate Markets section echoes our earlier piece on “embedded networks”, #EmbeddedNetworks, discussed at World Mail & Express (WM&E) Americas 2017.

In this segment, we look at how Shopping Malls can develop integrated delivery networks for brick and mortar retailers, before the malls go dead.

Shopping Malls were originally built to locate in key demographic markets; i.e. within driving distance of consumers primed to shop. As the article points out, they are also prime locations to accomplish last mile delivery to these consumers. Combine strategic location,  with the resurgence of experiential shopping, the touch and feel that only brick and mortar stores can deliver, retail distribution networks designed to supply and restock the stores, and Shopping Malls reassert their presence in the B2C marketplace. “You Shop, We Deliver!” may soon become the new retail tagline.

The convergence of delivery channels will continue because of the new impetus of “Demand Driven Delivery”, a concept we are currently working on. For further information, and to discuss how we can assist your organization, please contact us.

WM&E Americas 2017 Presentation Embedded Networks segment Part 2

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